2018 Foals
We are very pleased with this foal crop and foals are selling quickly. All weanlings are sired by our Colonel Hotrodder son Sonitas Hot Socks and our wonderful LP/LP stallions Sarkes Brio Frost and Paradise In White. A deposit will hold foals with a contracted monthly payment plan until they are weaned. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like additional information.

Phoenix - bay leopard colt born 3-13-18 (SOLD to Arizona)
Sonitas Hot Socks x Stormy Dream Catcher
This gorgeous bay leopard colt is our first foal of the year, and boy are we pleased! His sire is an own son of Colonel Hotrodder. His dam is a large, beautiful mare we raised out of a Prince Plaudit granddaughter we owned for many years. Needless to say, this cross produced a fantastic all-around prospect for a variety of disciplines. He is going to Tucson, Arizona, where he will be a future mounted shooting horse! 

Brother - buckskin fewspot colt born 4-10-18 (For SALE)
Paradise In White and Mighty White Delight
​​​​Really nice buckskin fewspot (LP/LP) colt listed for consideration. "Brother" is 5-panel n/n through Animal Genetics, Inc. He carries one copy of PATN1 and one copy of PATN so he'll be able to produce BOTH leopard and blanket coat patterns. Gentle, good-minded and conformationally correct. Should mature at 15 hh or taller with an athletic build suited for cow horse disciplines. Bloodlines include the hall of fame horses Abdulls Pok A Son, Bright Eyes Brother, Hayes Roman Cloud, Mighty Bright, Prince Plaudit, The Executive, and the world champion cutting horse Go Meyer Kim. Excellent stud prospect. Both sire and dam have full mane and ground-dragging tails. He will mature at 15 hh. Brother is listed for sale at $2,500.
Duke - red dun colt with white spots and chrome born 4-13-18
Sonitas Hot Socks and Champagne Reflection
Pale Rider's first foal is an adorable red dun with a fantastic build and flashy chrome with a smattering of spots. We weren't planning to breed Pale Rider, but she had other plans, and in retrospect we are glad this meeting occured. Bloodlines include the great Bright Reflection, BEB, Princes Jim, Joker B, Wapiti, Mighty Peavy and Goer. He is available for $1,800.
Stetson - palomino colt with a smattering of spots born 4-17-18 (SOLD to Arizona)
Sonitas Hot Socks and Mighty Angelic Dream
This adorable palomino colt with dark spots and white hairs is going to be an athlete! His dam is a buckskin snowcap (homozygous for LP) Mighty White Brother daughter so this colt will thrive in the cow horse disciplines. Bloodlines include Abdulls Pok A Son, Joker B, Go Meyer Kim, Spotted Jim, Apache, Mighty Bright, Sun Spot J, Mighty Peavy, Hayes Roman Cloud and LIttle Britches K. He will mature at 15 hh or taller. 
Babe - bay with large blanket filly born 4-20-18 (SOLD to Pennsylvania)
Sonitas Hot Socks and Dreamy White Delite
This mare has produced two outstanding colts for us, but this filly is by far her best effort yet! We are extremely excited about this filly and plan to retain her for our program. Sugar was bred and raised here at the B and L Horse Ranch and carries the bloodlines of our two program-building stallions, Mighty White Brother and Argentarius. When you include the sire's quarter horse lines in the mix, it simply doesn't get any better than this! My Girl will mature at 15.1 hh. 

Sunshine - Blanketed palomino filly born 4-20-18 (SOLD to Pennsylvania)

Paradise In White and SMB Honey Bun
This filly is a gorgeous palomino with a feminine look at outstanding conformation. Add that rich, palomino color to the mix and she's as nice a filly as any on the market. Bloodlines include some of the best bloodlines in the appaloosa industry, including Abduls Pok A Son, Joker B, Prince Plaudit, Apache and BEB. Honey's best effort yet!  

Silhoutette - chestnut AQHA filly born 4-26-18
Sonitas Hot Socks and Dixie Shidrift
We crossed our Jamison Ranch mare with our Colonel Hotrodder son for a an outstanding AQHA foal that would allow us to retain the bloodlines of Sonitas Hot Socks in our breeding program. This mare has continually been an outstanding producer of both AQHA and ApHC foals, and this filly is built right. She is NOT for sale!
Pinky - blanketed gold champagne filly born 5-12-18 
Sarkes Brio Frost and Jamaicas Gold 
This continues to be a remarkable cross that produces some of our largest, loudest colored foals in a variety of colors including classic champagne, jet-black and even chestnut. Best of all these foals are laid-back, easy to train and gorgeous. We are always excited to see the results of this cross, and this striking filly did not disappoint! Frost is a National Top-10 and ApHC point-earner. Bloodlines include the appaloosa greats Prince Plaudit, Simcoes Sarcee, Red Eagle, Leopard Cortez, Mansfields Comanche and Old Pay Day. She will mature at 15 hh or taller. She is available for $3,000.
Hotrod - chestnut with a lacy blanket colt born on 5-21-18 (For SALE)Sonitas Hot Socks and Chilled Champagne
We crossed our hip-spotted appaloosa Chiller daughter with our Colonel Hotrodder son hoping for a spotted foal and we got our wish. This adorable, friendly colt will be athletic, smart and gorgeous. We raised his dam here at the ranch, and she is one of only two Chiller daughters in our program. Bloodlines include the ApHC greats Dreamfinder, Spittin Image, Mighty Bright, BEB and Peavy Bimbo and the AQHA greats Colonel Freckles, Colonel Hotrodder, Cutter Bill, Doc Bar, King, Leo, Poco Tivio (you get the picture). This colt will make an ideal riding mount for a woman or teen. He should mature at 14.3 hh or taller. One of my personal favorites. Hotrod is priced at $1,500.

Fawn - blanketed amber champagne filly born 5-24-18 (For SALE)Paradise In White and Glass Eyed Chex
Fawn is a flashy 2018 amber champagne ApHC filly with the bloodlines and athleticism to do well in the cowhorse disciplines. She is performance-bred and will make a great all-around riding mount for anything from mounted shooting to roping and ranch work. Her sire is our stallion Paradise In White, a Mighty White Brother son with a power-packed pedigree including the world champion cutting horse Go Meyer Kim. Her dam is our sable champagne AQHA mare Glass Eyed Chex, a granddaughter of Docs Prescription. Bloodlines include the hall of fame horses and appaloosa greats Abdulls Pok A Son, Mighty Bright Sun, Go Meyer Jim, Top Successor, Royal Exhibit, Hayes Roman Cloud, Mighty Tim and Joker B and the AQHA greats Doc Bar, Skipity Scoot and Tangerine Chex. She should mature at 14.3 hh with a working horse build. She is five panel n/n. Price on this filly is $2,500.