Welcome to the B and L Horse Ranch, where appaloosas are our passion. We have been raising these magnificant animals on the western Kansas prairie for 25 years now, and nothing gives us greater joy than sharing our horses with others. You can find B and L Horse Ranch stock in more than 30 states and on three continents, including Germany and Italy in Europe and in the country of South Africa. You may also run across our horses in the show ring, as our clients have enjoyed success showing horses bred and raised here at the B and L Horse Ranch. 

Our main goal ultimately is to produce versatile, healthy, good-minded horses with excellent dispositions and flashy color. Our horses have proven performance pedigrees and the genetics to excel in a variety of disciplines. Our biggest joy, however, is to provide folks with a safe, quality horse for everyday riding. Add correct conformation and flashy color to the mix, and you’ve got a well-rounded animal that is hard to beat.
We take these traits and add one more requirement. Our horses must have proven dispositions as riders. Our stallions are broke to ride, and whether it’s trail riding with mares and geldings, riding in local parades with dozens of strange horses, or working cattle with another stallion, all our studs are gentlemen. Our broodmares are also broke to ride, and have proven to us they are smart, even-tempered and have a willing disposition before they are placed in our breeding program.

Looking for a gentle riding horse? We have them. Interested in breeding your mare to a top-quality stallion who passes on color, conformation, pedigree and disposition? Give us a call. Shopping for a gentle colt or filly to add to your program? Feel free to browse our website or visit us in person.

What started out as a love of horses, (and appaloosas in particular) has turned into a wonderful opportunity to share something special. We hope you enjoy our website!

Laurie McEwen
(pictured above on B and L-raised appaloosa I Dream Of Champagne)