Our Mares
As responsible breeders, all mares in our program are negative (n/n) for PSSM1 and HYPP. We are currently in the process of completing 5-panel testing of our mares for GBED, HERDA and MH as well.

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The following statement was said by an appaloosa breeder we know:
"I don't care about the pedigree or whether or not they ride. The most important thing is how they look. They have to look good."

We disagree.
Sure, looks count. It's always nice to be beautiful, even if you're a horse!

But the truth is, a horse with excellent looks... but a rotten mind, limited athletic ability, genetic and conformational defects and a nowhere pedigree is not what 90 percent of the population looks for when choosing a horse. That's why we readily share our philosophy when it comes to not only our mares, but horses in general: We want more than just another pretty face.

And while no two breeders share exactly the same philosophy for what it takes to produce a good colt or filly, most breeders believe certain elements are involved if you want to increase the genetic odds for a good horse. As with our stallions, the mares in our program are selected based on several elements.

Listed are some of our criteria: 
Our mares must be receptive to training.
Our mares must exhibit an easy-going temperament.
Our mares must have strong performance pedigrees.
Our mares must be good mothers and good milkers.
Our mares must be broke to ride and smooth-gaited.
Our mares must have correct conformation and good ground manners.
Our mares must be negative for the dominant genetic defects PSSM1 and HYPP.

***If we have a broodmare who is not broke to ride, her get must exhibit the above criteria in order for her to remain in our program.

Our mares have some of the very best proven bloodlines in the industry and include an own daughter of Bright Reflection, granddaughters of Dreamfinder, Mighty Peavy, Bright Eyes Brother, Docs Prescription, My Skip Vanzi and Bonanza Dee Bar.

Give us a ride that can do it all... and look good doing it!